The Art of Fashion Transformation, Brought to You by Prada


One of the most intriguing things about clothes are their chameleon-like qualities. Take Prada’s Resort 2014 campaign, for example. The collection, which was shown in Milan in June, came down the runway with a majorly retro vibe. The seventies flair given to roomy jeans and embroidered dresses was immediately recognizable, and it was hard to imagine the pieces coming off any other way. Well, then came the fashion house’s official campaign for the collection. Shot by Steven Meisel at Alder Manor in New York, the clothes that had been so reminiscent before now appeared inherently modern. The boxy denim jackets and the shapeless trousers with prominent seams no longer screamed Marcia Brady, but instead evoked the image of a modern woman running her errands on the weekends, or meeting friends after work. Quite the transformation, am I right?


But what is it that morphed these looks from one style to another? It’s possible it was the decision to cast the photos in black-and-white, which eliminated many of the more muted tones that were prominent throughout the collection. Or maybe it had more to do with the models and their look. On the Milan runway, the models almost all featured tousled, Brigitte Bardot-like hair that only further entrenched the pieces in the past. However, when it came time for the campaign, Prada went in an entirely different direction. The three girls featured in the pictures have their hair in severe, almost oily-looking buns with strands loose around their faces. As compared to what was seen in June, the vibe in similarly undone, but the overall look is far sleeker and more contemporary.


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Whether you think it was the filter or beauty decisions made for Prada’s Resort 2015 campaign, it’s obvious the collection took a major spin when removed from the runway and placed in front of the camera. And you know what? The next time we catch someone wearing a piece or two from the line up, they will probably look entirely different all over again. Because that’s one of the many things that makes fashion so amazing: everything is constantly changing. Blink, and you might miss it.


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