Pumpkin Almond Butter Oat Bars

A couple weekends back, I had a serious hankering for an autumnal treat. Thankfully, I recently saved this recipe for Pumpkin Almond Butter Oat Bars from The Balanced Blonde (one of my favorite food blogs, by the way), and decided it was as good a time as any to give them a try.

First thing that you should know about these bars are that they are quite possibly the easiest treats you could make. Based off name alone, one assumes that they must be a crazy, time-intensive concoction, but this is really not the case. In fact, depending on how fast you are, these only take about ten to fifteen minutes of actual work. Simply measure out all your ingredients and combine them in a mixing bowl, mix until a paste forms, and then transfer into a baking dish and slide into the oven. Viola, your work here is done.


Now, onto how these goodies actually tasted. As far as ingredients go, it’s a pretty quirky combo. I mean, you’ve got pumpkin puree, almond butter, honey, cinnamon, and chocolate chips, not to mention the basics like gluten-free oats, baking soda, flax seed, flour, and vanilla. I was nervous about all that making for dense, Elmer’s glue-like bars. Lucky for me, that was not the case! When warm, they practically melted in your mouth, and the ratio of almond butter to pumpkin was just right. One thing I will say, though: They were a little bit crumbly. However, I attribute this to the fact that I used gluten-free oats as opposed to regular. If a little crumminess bugs you, I suggest swapping for regular oats. You’ll find that these make for a far less messy situation!



All in all, the Pumpkin Almond Butter Oat Bars were a savory, delectable autumn treat that I’m sure I’ll be tempted to make time and time again as the temperatures continue to drop. Who knows? I might just whip some up this afternoon…


What are your favorite fall-themed desserts? Do any of you have that one autumn-only favorite you make time and time again? Be sure to share!


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