10 Reasons Why Lemon Water is Your New Best Friend


It’s confession time: I am the absolute worst about drinking water. Like, I’m famous amongst my friends and family for going a whole day and realizing I haven’y had anything save for one cup of tea…oops. But seeing as dehydration is no fun and certainly not good for you, I’ve been working on getting my daily dose of h-two-oh.

One of my favorite ways to get a water fix is with lemon water. I have this a lot at night when I am trying to unwind. A steaming mug of hot water with lemon in it is surprisingly soothing! This is also a great option for regular temperature water, as the citrus adds a great oomph for when you’re craving a little something extra. But the best part about this beverage, though, is that it’s not only all-natural (water and lemon, that’s it), but there are a plethora of benefits that only make it more desirable!

Check out the list below to figure out why lemon water should be your new go-to:

::one:: ENERGY! Believe it or not, lemon water is an excellant source of energy, making it the perfect early-morning drink. It also has dually calming effect on your nervous system, making it a better bet than that shot of espresso. Try replacing your coffee with lemon water for a few days…you’ll feel that difference!

::two:: Detox, detox, detox. Because it effectively flushes all toxins out of you system, lemon water is the ultimate cleansing beverage.

::three:: Carrots aren’t the only eye-healthy food on the market! Lemons aid optical function and are known to prevent eye problems. Adding some to your water might just keep those baby blues doing their job!

::four:: This is an essential for this time of year: lemon water is a serious immune system booster. Not only is it proven to fight the common cold, but it also has enough vitamin C to help prevent you form getting sick. Call it the new orange juice 😉

::five:: Now for a physical benefit you can actually see, rather than feel: Lemon water is packed with antioxidants that are essential to skin health. Drinking it regularly can play a major role in keeping you complexion happy!

::six:: This one sounds weird, but when taken into context is actually positive. Lemon water is said to reduce your appetite, making you less prone to because-I’m-bored binges. Whenever I feel that urge creeping up on me, I’ve taken to pouring myself some water with lemon instead! It really does make a major difference

::seven:: With its tangy citrus qualities (depending on how much lemon you put in), lemon water offers an alternative to your favorite sugary drink, be it lemonade or even soda. As much as we may love these beverages, having them too often can wreck havoc on your health. Swapping your Gatorade for some lemon water every now and then can have a major impact on how you look and feel.

::eight:: As mentioned above, lemon water has an ohm yoga effect on your nerves. Just the smell of it is said to reduce stress! If you ever find yourself battling anxiety or just general unsettledness (I know I do), whip up some water with lemon! It’ll do wonders.

::nine:: Prepare to get happy, because lemon water is not only a stress-reliever, but an overall mood enhancer. Feeling like a rough day is ahead? Get some lemon water in your system, and see your mood genuinely improve.

::ten:: And, finally, reason number ten, which is: Why not? I mean, what you see above are only nine of the amazing benefits of lemon water. Not only does it energize you, but it relieves stress! It doesn’t just keep your skin clear, it aides your eyesight! That to me looks like a pretty compelling list of reasons as to why lemon water is the ultimate drink.

I hope that reading this post inspires you to incorporate more lemon water into your daily routine! I know that I’ve felt a major difference in the short amount of time since I did so. And, lastly, thank you for reading, and be sure to check back tomorrow for some more fashion and lifestyle goodness here on A Style Study!


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