Welcome to the Family: Pookie and Louisa Burch of Trademark


It seems as if the streets of Manhattan are never wanting for a well-groomed daughter following the storied legacy of her parents before her. Take Chelsea Clinton, for example, who calls Gramercy Park home and reigns over a plethora of prestigious boards and charities, including her parents’ Clinton Foundation. Or Ivanka Trump, who, aside from making her mark as her father Donald’s right-hand woman at the family’s storied real estate empire, curates a successful collection of fine jewelry and shoes. But there are two very dutiful daughters the papers have yet to pay much tribute to. Two girls who have plunged into exactly the same industry as their parents before them, only to create an entirely individual identity for themselves.


Their names are Pookie and Louisa Burch. Yep, Burch, as in retail magnate Christopher Burch, who is currently the brain behind C. Wonder. Tory Burch, the designer and one of Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed, is their former stepmother. Talk about fashion being in their blood.


So, when the two society ingenues, aged 30 and 25, respectively, decide to start up their own line, what do you expect? The unapologetic pastel suburban prep of C. Wonder, perhaps? Or, perhaps the retro-infused Americana of Tory Burch?


Well, you’d be wrong in both instances. The sisters’ debut label, Trademark, is 100% them. Them being a reimagining of classic silhouettes and items. Think Stuart Vevers for Coach, only less sci-fi and more urban chic. These are clothes for the modern-day post-grad, one with a job somewhere in a big city, who spends her day climbing the corporate (or creative) ladder and lets her hair down at night. New arrivals for fall include a sherpa jacket in mustard yellow or merlot, a healthy stock of cropped pants (both trouser and jogger styles, naturally), a blinding pelted silver midi skirt. Certainly not very Tory, am I right?


Of course, their stepmother’s eponymous line can be found in Pookie and Louisa’s line-up. In a sense, their clothes are ironically for the daughter of Tory’s original customer. The two labels evoke the image of a woman who is, above all, confident. The only difference is that Pookie and Louisa’s girl frequents the hottest downtown modern art galleries, while Tory’s woman prefers The Colony Club.

Either way, keep your eye out for Pookie and Louisa Burch. These daughters are certainly ones to watch, with lots and lots in store.


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