Fashionable Reads

I have contemplated this post for a while now. As long as I can remember, I have been an avid reader and lover of books of all kinds. Ever since starting my blog (two months ago!) I have longed to share this passion of mine with you, but was unsure as to how best to incorporate literature into a blog otherwise solely dedication to the fashion world. However, after weeks of mulling it over in my head, I came to the conclusion that books and fashion are really not that dissimilar. Both, in short, are a form of celebration of culture, a tribute to the happenings and feelings of the world at a particular moment. If anything, discussing the two on the same forum is rather appropriate, don’t you agree?

I do not, however, want to stray too far fro my blog’s roots, so I decided to dedicated the first “Fashionable Reads” post to a book as seeped in the world of fashion as you can probably get: the memoir Grace by Grace Coddington.


Ever since seeing The September Issue and acquainting myself with the incredibleness that is theGrace Coddington, Vogue‘s flame-haired creative director. I have been coveting her memoir from afar. I finally happened to receive it as a birthday gift, and immediately dove right in. From the very first page, I was hooked. Ms. Coddington uses her unique voice to paint a pristine picture of every major moment in her life, from her childhood on the Welsh coast, to her days as a model hopping around London and finally her transition to fashion editor (at British Vogue and American Vogue, respectively). Through her book she gives the reader a peak into the impenetrable world of fashion editorials, detailing with wit what really went down at Paris fashion week and the major work that went into producing some of our favorite fashion shoots. But what really makes the book so wonderful is that despite her abundance of high profile friends (*cough* Bruce Weber *cough*) and a job that puts her front row at every major fashion show, Grace Coddington is startling real. She has had incredible highs, but she has also been at the lowest of lows, a fact that she revels in rather than conceals. So although the book may detail her summers spent at Bruce Weber’s Long Island beach house and many a night spent rubbing shoulders with London’s rich and famous during her modeling career, it counteracts this glamorous image by discussing the terrible accident that nearly cost her her career in front of the camera and the trials and tribulations of her storied love life. In fact, by the end of the book, Grace Coddington has succeeded in convincing you that she is really not fashionable at all. But, then again, maybe that is what makes her so darn fashionable in the first place. 

A favorite quote from Grace by Grace Coddington: ” In fashion photography, rule number one is to make the picture beautiful and lyrical or provocation and intellectual – but you still have to see the dress.”

What are some of your favorite fashion-centric reads? I would love to know, so be sure to share! Also, I hope you enjoyed the first “Fashionable Reads” post. Hopefully this will be the first of many…



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