When it comes to my hair, I have never been one to experiment. For the past three years, it has remained pretty much the same, falling about mid-shoulder blade and thinned out with a few layers here and there. I have always wanted to try a shorter, more mature cut, but never had the courage to take the plunge and go for it. Until last Thursday, that is.


It all started with this picture of Emma Stone (seen above). I came across it a few months ago, and immediately knew that was the cut I wanted. After a few days of going back-and-forth about in my mind, I decided that, come my late August hair appointment, I would hack off my lengthy tresses and see what happened. All summer long, I eagerly anticipated the day that (hopefully) my hair dreams would be realized.

The day came, and I showed my trusted hairdresser of God knows how many years, Erica, the printed out copy of the photo (which, by the way, had lived on my desktop since I found it). After receiving her approval, I sat nervously in the salon chair as she did her thing. I cannot tell you how many thoughts were running through my head in that moment. Would I like it? Or would I hate it and totally regret my decision?

Then, a funny thing happened: I loved my new cut. Even before Erica was done blowdrying it to silky-smooth salon perfection, I knew I had made the right choice. The shoulder-length “lob” was without a doubt my most mature look to date, and the artful layers had really taken some unwanted volume out of my plentiful mane. The instant I saw the finished product in the mirror, it was as if I pressed the ‘reset’ button on my entire look.


As for how to style me new ‘do without the help of a professional, I’ll admit I am still figuring that out. No question it will be challenging at first, but I am confidant that with time (but preferably before it all grows out) and practice, I will eventually get it down to a science. For now, though, I have no regrets about cutting my hair. In fact, I think the sudden shock-to-the-system may have been just what I needed heading into a new academic year.

Have you ever drastically changed up your look? If so, would you say it was a positive or negative experience? I would love to hear, so be sure to share in the comments below!


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