Rising Star: Gia Coppola


We all know and love filmmaker and fashion icon Sofia Coppola, but the time has come to shift the spotlight onto her equally talented (not mention stylish) niece, Gia.

Although she grew up assisting on the storied film sets of grandfather, director Francis Ford Coppola, Gia at first evaded the family business. After initially dropping out of high school she pursued a bachelor’s degree in photography while at college. Upon graduation, however, she eventually fell into the role of filmmaker. Her first movie, an adaptation of James Franco’s short story collection Palo Alto, was released last August and met with extremely positive reviews.

                        hbz-rodarte-front-row-ss13-gia-coppola-lgn  531315c8e0099fd94a81aaeb6b63d5b5

And she’s not just a great director. Miss Coppola, like her sung, also has some serious wardrobe chops. Her penchant for storytelling plays into her sense of fashion, as she says she gravitates heavily towards pieces which “feels like art and has a backstory”. Gia has also professed her love for all things by Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, and Zac Posen, whom, by the way, she counts as a close personal friend. With taste like that, it’s no wonder this girl is killing it on the red carpet. My personal favorite of all her ensembles? The classic YSL suit she donned at Palo Alto‘s premiere at the Venice Film Festival last year. Très chic, no?

With a talent behind the camera and killer fashion sense, Gia Coppola definitely has a lot to show the world. I cannot wait to see what she takes on in the future!


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