Glamour’s New Girl: Jane Keltner de Valle


Believe it or not, it takes a lot for me to consider someone a personal style icon. In this day and age, on littered with reality television and tabloid press, it is difficult to find someone who can join the ranks of Lauren Bacall, Carolina Herrera, and Diane von Fürstenberg.

Thankfully, there is Jane Keltner de Valle, a fashion “It” girl who manages to slide cooly under the radar. Her signatures? An ultra-feminine (no pants here!) nipped in waist and black shoes. Oh, that and her effortlessly coiffed blonde layers. (I need the name of her hair dresser, like, right now.)

          Tibi-Spring-2014-Tibis-Sonoran-Eyelet-Full-Skirt-Jane-Keltner-De-Valle  3-jane-keltner-de-valle-london-str-rfw14-7800

With her knack for industry news and trend coverage (a skill she no doubt honed during her ten-year career at Teen Vogue), it comes as no surprise that Ms. Keltner de Valle was recently named Glamour‘s first fashion news director. She makes her debut in the magazine’s all-important September issue with a wry, uncanny essay on the drudgery of cleaning your favorite designer goodies.

With such a unique, real-girl writing style and fashion chops to boot, it’s no doubt we’ll be hearing lots from Jane Keltner de Valle in the publications to come. 


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