Cream of the Crop


Is it just me, or were corp tops everywhere this season? Seriously, I felt as if I couldn’t walk down the street without spotting dozen sod girls donning mid riff-baring shirts. It was like a flashback to sixth grade, when no one’s outfit was complete without a pair of brightly colored Hunter rain boots.

The trouble with this season’s must-have item is that it is incredibly polarizing. By that I mean that either you wear a crop top and manage to make it appear super-chic, or you end up looking like an awkward cross between an off-duty cheerleader and a Pilates instructor. So how to ensure that you do not end up looking like the latter That, my friends, is where the high-waisted skirt comes into play.

The high-waisted skirt is probably, in my opinion, one of the most under-valued garments out there. Just those extra few inches on the waist line can seriously elevate your look form “nice” and “great” (bonus points it you opt for a high-waisted midi skirt). Another positive thing about this piece? It will look seriously amazing with your crop top.

Take actress Reese Witherspoon, show above left, for example. She effortlessly pulls off her crop top by pairing it with a matching high-waisted skirt. The extra height at the waistline makes her look sophisticated, while the subtle flashes of skin seen through the cutouts keeps the mom-of-three looking of-the-moment. Thus is also the case with supermodel Miranda Kerr, shown above right. She showed off her toned abs with a floaty crop top, but keeps it classy in a slightly high-waisted midi. Viola, two ladies looking both appropriate as well as darn fabulous in their trendy tops.


I took cues from both Reese and Miranda when styling my Aritzia crop top. Since I wanted to be able to wear my outfit to school and not look wildly inappropriate, I paired it with my high-waisted Madewell skirt. I ended up loving the way the boxiness of the top complemented the gentle sloping shape of the skirt. Just toss on my Superga sneakers and trusty Ray-Bans and out the door I went.

There you have it, mes amis: how not to turn the wrong kind of heads in your crop top. Instead you’ll be getting compliments all day long on how great you look. But, then again, don’t you always?


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