Haute Burgundy

Kenneth Cole

Not only is burgundy a lovely fall wardrobe color, but it is also set to be a major beauty trend in the coming months. Spotted on the runways of Burberry and Kenneth Cole, among others, this deep, moody take on classic red is très parfait for when the leaves begin to turn.

A Burberry model proudly displays her burgundy tips
A Burberry model proudly displays her burgundy tips

Thankfully, there are a plethora of burgundy polishes available at all price points. I myself happen to love Essie’s “Wicked”. For those of you who prefer investing in a lacquer, both Chanel and Tom Ford have offer vampy takes on red that will give you that burgundy look. O.P.I.’s “Lost on Lombard” will also provide the same effect.

I personally cannot wait to wear burgundy nails all fall long. The color is classic, sophisticated, but edgy enough that it never gets old. How do you feel about this trend? Will you be giving it a whirl, or passing?


2 thoughts on “Haute Burgundy

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