Look for Less: Saint Laurent “Lulu”


Ah, Saint Laurent’s “Lulu” shoe. It may just be the perfect black oxford: a sleek, patent leather lace-up that adds effortless sophistication to any outfit.

The only thing not so great about it? The price. In order to make a pair of these beauties officially yours, you will need to fork over $675.00. And although a dizzying combination of exquisite design and construction (*cough* fine leather *cough*) coupled with the name “Saint Laurent” warrants the price, some of of us just do not have the resources to snag a pair of these just yet. Until then? Here’s how you can get the “Lulu” look for less:



Tibi’s Kern Pointed Toe Oxford retails for $395.00. Still a hefty sum, but decidedly less than the Lulus’. I personally love the fierceness of the sharp pointed toe and the suede paneling. Desperate to make them yours? You can find them at Shopbop.


Vintage Shoe Company’s ‘Aubrey’ Flat is another more affordable, grungier take on Saint Laurent’s conic black oxford. These fun lace-ups are available at Nordstrom for $179.95.


Forever 21‘s Lace Up Oxfords are the definition of affordable at $24.80. Although I have yet to see this shoe in person, from the pictures I can deduce that they offer a plausible imitation of leather, which can be tough to come by when trying to find inexpensive footwear. Do keep in mind that the less you pay the shorter time the shoes are likely to last, so only buy these if you plan on wearing them for one season. If you’re looking for more of an investment, you may need to pay a little more. However, with the obvious menswear inspiration and clean lines, these are a great temporary alternative to the “Lulu”.

There you have it, three ways to get the Saint Laurent “Lulu” look for less. Do you know of any other pairs that mimic the iconic oxford? Also, be sure to let me know in the comments section below if there are any other designer pieces you would like me to cover in future “Look for Less” posts!





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