Currently Coveting: Paula Cademartori Luxury Bags

I love it when its so obvious how much a designer loves their craft. Be it jewelry, clothing, shoes, etc., it’s that palpable passion that I believe really sets one apart from the rest.

This is certainly the case with up-and-coming bag queen Paula Cademartori. A native Brazillian, she paid her dues studying at the Instituto Marangoni and working under Donatella Versace before launching her own label in 2010.

The “Petite Faye” bag in a demure powder blue

She champions the old-school idea of made-in-Italy; all of her purses are painstakingly handcrafted at her Milan studio. Many of them draw inspiration from icons of the past, such as the aptly-named “Faye”, a five-pocketed purse designed with Faye Dunaway in mind, as well as an entire fall line inspired by Anna Piaggi. Cademartori, however, eschews tradition by creating many her bags in zany colors and prints. So zany, in fact, that severals of her designs were been featured on the ’80s-set television show The Carrie Diaries. When asked about her penchant for the wild, she said “I love mixing colors ad textures – there is something very Brazllian about it”.

A young Carrie Bradshaw totes around Cademartori's "Kate" bag
A young Carrie Bradshaw totes around Cademartori’s “Kate” bag

Ms. Cademartori also forgoes the idea of a classic logo. Instead, she opts for a trademark buckle inspired by the Greek letter phi. This symbol rather appropriately represents the “golden ratio”, or perfect proportion.

Two fashion insiders clutching their Cademartori creations at New York Fashion Week in 2013
Two fashion insiders clutching their Cademartori creations at New York Fashion Week in 2013

With such attention to detail and craftsmanship, it is no surprise that Paula Cademartori’s fabulous purses have become commonplace on the arms of fashion editors and street style stars everywhere. Now if only I could get my hands on one… 


One thought on “Currently Coveting: Paula Cademartori Luxury Bags

  1. Hi Olivia. This is Grace McKenna, your cousin. Your work is great. Your a great writer and you have a great talent. I am looking forward to Saturday when you are going to be coming over for a sleepover. It will be so fun. Write back!!!!!      -Grace McKenna          Soon to be a famous soccer player, fashion designer, or interior designer. XOXO  


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