Product Review: Beautycounter Shampoo & Conditioner


Do you remember my post about Beautycounter? Well, the shower products I ordered came late last week, and over the weekend I got a chance to take them for a test drive.

Wow. That is all I can say. The team at Beautycounter is definitely doing something right! The Clean Everyday Shampoo and Rinse Everyday Conditioner are quite honestly the best shampoo/conditioner duo I have ever used.

Yeah, they’re that good.


The products themselves are lightweight and lather easily, unlike many products that tend to remain firmly stiff and goopy. Not only that, but they rinse out like a dream. Coming out of the shower, your hair is free of that gunky, residue-y sensation I have found comes with some shampoos. Instead, your hair feels refreshed and squeaky clean.

And what of the longer-term effects? I can say that my hair has not blow-dried so well in a very long time. Also, my hair was smooth and silky, the way it is after a good salon wash/dry.

These Beautycounter products are now most certainly my new go-to shampoo and conditioner. For all of you out there on the market for new shower finds, I highly encourage to you to check Beautycounter and their other items, such as the enticing bath scrub I think I’ll try next!


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