Eternal Girls’ Girl: Katie Ermilio



Growing up, her father made custom clothes in Philadelphia. Before that, her grandfather served as Grace Kelly’s private clothier.

With a heritage like that, it seems only appropriate that Katie Ermilio would take the fashion world by storm. At only 28, the one-time Vogue intern is quietly building an image centered around a word we haven’t heard in a while: femininity.

Yes, that’s right. In an age when unisex fashion is on the rise, Miss. Ermilio is fully embracing the feminine look. Careful not to let her creations sway into cutesy territory, she constructs clean, timeless silhouettes tailored to a razor-shape edge, and then gives it a girly touch in the form of a bow or pastel-colored pattern.

The result? A series of feminine yet contemporary and minimal looks, all perfectly tailored towards the modern-day woman. When asked about her trademark aesthetic, Ermilio said “it’s that touch of femininity that brings it back full circle”.

We couldn’t agree more, darling. We simply couldn’t agree more.

Kate Bosworth in Katie Ermilio
Kate Bosworth in Katie Ermilio


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