The Lone Bauble

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Ah, the mysterious single earring trend. What started out as a blip on the fashion world’s radar has now exploded into what promises to be fall’s forefront accessories trend. Even the most traditional of us have to admit, the lone statement piece looks gorgeous on the runways of Céline, and Louis Vuitton (above). But how can one pull this off in real life?

Aside from being one of the fall’s biggest trends, the one earring look is also the trickiest. If not executed correctly, you will spend most of your day fielding questions like “Uh, did you lose an earring?” And, let’s face it, that get really old really fast.

In order to prevent such pitying remarks, you should try avoid removing one of your gold studs and walking out the door. In order to make your one earring look appear intentional (not to mention chic), you should choose a real statement-making piece. By opting for a conversation-starting earring, you are drawing attention away from the fact that you are only wearing one ear and towards the idea that the one your do happen to be wearing is pretty fabulous.

In terms of specific style, many of those tackling this look opt for a dangling or chandelier-style ear bauble. This is a smart move, because it will direct the eye downwards, and away from you other, bare ear. However, this trend can also look equally as fashion-foreward when using a stud. Just be sure to make it as big or otherwise attention-grabbing as you can, like Dior’s ample double-backed pearl studs from last year.

Emma Watson rocking a single, massive Dior pearl stud at the Golden Globes
Emma Watson rocking a single, massive Dior pearl stud at the Golden Globes

Having formulated these simple steps, I cannot wait to give the single earring look a try. What about you? Will you be rocking the lone bauble this fall or are you embracing the two-earring look?




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