Introducing…The Karl Lagerfeld Barbie Doll

Is it just me, or is Karl Lagerfeld everywhere? What with his grotesquely expensive Fendi bag charm “The Karlito”, and the recent news of his beloved cat Choupette’s upcoming coffee table book, it seems like we cannot go a week without the infamous designer making headlines.

And he is not going away anytime soon. As reported today (July 17) by Women’s Wear Daily, American toy franchise Mattel Inc. is set to debut Barbie Lagerfeld this fall.

You heard that right: Barbie Lagerfeld. As in, a Barbie doll inspired by the iconic Paris-based designer. Though the doll will be female, she will feature Lagerfeld-esque grey hair and wear a fitted black jacket, high-collared white shirt, and skiing black jeans. Accessories have not been overlook, either. One can expect the doll to feature a black necktie, black ankle boots, and dark sunglasses.

Although no specific release date has been announced, rest assured hundreds of fashion addicts and Barbie collectors alike will be scrambling to get their hands on Barbie Lagerfeld, the year’s most fashionable toy.


A sketch of Barbie Lagerfeld
A sketch of Barbie Lagerfeld


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