Au Revoir, Paris Couture Fashion Week!

Well my friends, it has come to an end. Today, July 10, marked the final day of Paris Couture Fashion Week. Though I am already counting down the days until the spring couture collections next year (not to mention upcoming fashion month), I cannot help but feel a twinge of sadness about the end of such a magical week. Although I was unfortunately not at any of the amazing shows in person, I feel that I was able to truly experience the magic that is haute couture. After obsessively clicking through all of the shows (special thanks to, I can truly say that every single collection was outstanding, and it was so much fun to write about some of my favorites on A Style Study. I only wish that I could have covered every single show, because they were all just that good.

Anyways, in honor of the end of Paris Couture Fashion Week, I am sharing my favorite runway moments of the week below! Starting with…


Chanel flip-flops: I have never been a flip-flop kind of girl, but I think Karl Lagerfeld just made me one. The ribbon tied around the ankle? I think yes.


Armani Privé polka dots: Call my crazy, but I am a sucker for a good polka dot print. I love the touch of whimsy added to this relatively retro-chic look with the big bow detail…très magnifique!


Giambattista Valli floral belt: This. Belt. Is. Art. There is something so irresistibly elegant about the thin, stem-like cord wrapped around the waist only to give way to two brilliantly crafted flowers. Talk about jazzing up a simple black dress!

Christian Dior coats: Alright, did anyone else see the exquisite backs of these coats and think instantly of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette? These coats would have been right at home in that luxurious, sugar-coated film. From the artful pleats to the brocade detailing, I have a feeling those French courtiers would have been all over these coats.


Chanel cement bolero: Okay, I know Chanel is already up here, but can you blame me? This is a bolero. Made. Of. Cement.

Valentino belts: Giambattista Valli was not the only one with spectacular waist accessories this week. Valentino presented multiple pieces with ribbon-esque belts that not only look fabulously chic, but cemented the fact that ribbons and bows are not just for schoolgirls.

And there you have it, my favorite runway moments from Paris Couture Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014. What were yours? Let me know!

Au revoir, Couture Fashion Week! Until we meet again…


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