Paris Couture Fashion Week: Atelier Versace

Bonjour mes amis! It’s that time of year again! Yesterday (July 6th) officially marked the beginning of Fall 2014 Couture Fashion Week. Get ready for five days worth of jaw-dropping creations presented by some of the world’s most esteemed designers. Needless to say, I cannot wait!

The festivities kicked off on Sunday afternoon with the Atelier Versace show. Just before the models sauntered down the runway, the house’s legendary chief designer Donatella Versace was overheard saying “I love Fifties couture. For me, it was the most perfect in the cut and construction.” Well, Ms. Versace certainly took her fifties inspiration and turned it on its head. She staying true to certain essential elements of fifties fashion, with several pieces featuring rounded shoulders and some voluminous plays on the classic ball gown. But Versace succeeded in modernized the most classic of eras by adding its own recognizable spin. I think WWD described it best, saying “Versace sexed up, toughed up, and Gothed up with characteristic bravado.” This is certainly true, seeing that most if not all of the collection was outfitted with strategically-placed leather buckles, and one piece was an avant garde marriage of the dress and pant. Almost every look that had a skirt also featured a risqué leg slit or two (remember, this is the house that dressed J.Lo for the 2000 Grammy Awards). A few haphazardly fringed dresses made their way down the runway as well. I believe these were perhaps the weakest pieces of the collection, because they interrupted the flow of fifties-driven looks. But, knowing Donatella Versace, that may have been the point.

So, is this collection one for the ages, or just okay? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Below: My top three favorite looks from the collection. From left to right Look 4, Look 12, and Look 31 



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