Paris Couture Fashion Week: Christian Dior

Of course, no Paris Fashion Week would be complete without a runway show from Christian Dior. Like Versace, designer Raf Simons looked back in time for inspiration, but did not commit himself to one specific period. The early part of the show featured delicately embroidered dresses that breathed new life into the Robe a la Française of the 18th century. The next set of looks were more masculine frocks that toyed with elements of an astronauts’ flight suit. WWD even went so far as to call this section of the show “haute NASA”. Towards the end of the presentation, Simons’ also paid homage to the flapper, as well as floor-sweeping Edwardian coats, which he reworked to evoke a Sixties vibe. Raf Simons, a Belgian who is relatively new to the revered house, has previously spoken of his yearn to “bring a lot of reality [to Dior]”. This is certainly evident in the Fall 2014 Couture Collection. Every single piece, despite being the pinnacle of “haute couture”, looks a though you could pull it off the rack, slip into it, and walk away wearing it. To me, this collection was a clear representation of why so many women choose Dior.

What are your thoughts on Raf Simons’ latest collection for Dior? Would you wear these oh-so-wearable pieces or not? Let me know in the comments!

Below are my top three favorite looks from the Dior collection. From left to right: Look 35, Look 4, Look 56.


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